Being and Nothingness
Das Sein und das Nichts
L'être et le Néant

  Live Version  

Austria / Luxembourg 2007 l 4:10 min l colour l video l
film sound & music by Beat Furrer, performed live by Klangforum Wien

  International Premiere: Biennale di Venezia 2007
Austrian Premiere: Wien Modern Ouverture 2007
  Theatrical Version  

Austria / Luxembourg 2007 l 10 min l colour
35 mm l 1:1.66 l Dolby Digital l without dialogue

  Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007
Prix UIP Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards

Part of the film collection Free Radicals


"Being and Nothingness" transforms a piece of music into a visual and examines the role of humans in this performance of sound and light. After a prologue in which composer and conductor Beat Furrer is shown obtaining and arranging a score by Schumann, its performance is the film's actual theme: As the notes pass through the picture, the musicians of the Klangforum Wien ensemble appear and disappear according to their acoustic contribution. The result is a choreography of sound, and the music's transience and vastness is turned into a ballet of bodies which, somewhere between presence and absence, commemorates the instability of being as a dialectic micro-spectacle... >>
Thomas Miessgang


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  Distribution & Sales Theatrical Version: Sixpack Film
Distribution Theatrical Version: Light Cone Paris
Distribution & Sales Live Version: Klangforum Wien